using multi-channel enterprise commerce platforms

Shopify Plus as a multi channel selling platform

For many experts, Shopify is the best eCommerce platform for small business owners that want to build and manage eCommerce websites. But, does the same apply for large businesses and enterprises? For this category of users, Shopify has introduced Shopify Plus. So, this is another eCommerce platform which is developed with the requirements, needs, and desires of enterprise-level businesses in mind.

Thanks to Shopify Plus, high-volume retailers which are experiencing fast growth have the chance to expand, grow and thrive without any problems. In other words, it doesn’t matter whether you are considering a new eCommerce platform for your business that seems to be growing at a very fast rate or you already have a large company, Shopify Plus is probably a good option for you. But, what about multi channel sales? Is this platform good for those interested in selling goods and/or services on two, three or more channels?

The answer to this question is definitely YES. As a matter of fact, many enterprise-level businesses that want to expand their offer on more than one channel are selecting Shopify Plus for this purpose. For instance, this is one of the rare platforms with multi channel sales functionalities like POS system integration that can connect physical and online stores.

In addition, Shopify Plus lets enterprise merchants sell on different social media networks including Pinterest and Facebook. As we all know, social media platforms are becoming very important sales channels today because most of the Internet users are accessing social media networks on a daily basis. In this way, you can reach a broad audience and make your products and services more visible. We should also mention that Shopify Plus works great with more than 70 payments gateways. Some notable examples include Bitcoin and PayPal. Thanks to this feature, business owners can sell in different regions and offer their products in different languages too. Being able to get access to potential and loyal clients at any time and at any place is crucial for the progress of every business and this is exactly what you’ll get with Shopify Plus and its multi channel eCommerce capabilities.

We can freely say that Shopify Plus is a great option for large online businesses. Even if you are not focused on multi channel sales, you will still find this platform very useful because it’s packed with many other features.