Shopify Plus lets to handle all of the marketplace products and orders you have from a single place

Multi-channel Enterprise Commerce Platforms: Shopify Plus

As a business owner, your primary goal is to increase sales and expand your business operations. In order to achieve this goal, you can use many different approaches. Of course, not all of these approaches are promising the same results and some of them are more effective than the others. With the help of the Internet, business owners can definitely ease their job because the list of approaches has expanded too. In the last few years, many of these owners are interested in using multi-channel enterprise commerce platforms. One of these platforms is Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus is a Shopify version focused on enterprise-level clients. So, this is an eCommerce platform which provides a hosted solution to retailers who want to sell online without the conventional hosting, management, and building requirements. In other words, you can build and manage your website in a simple, almost automated way.

When it comes to multi channel features, Shopify Plus lets to handle all of the marketplace products and orders you have from a single place – your specially designed admin screen. It doesn’t really matter whether you want to post or list products on Amazon, Facebook or eBay, you can do this directly from the admin screen.

Instead of doing it manually, you will be able to update pricing and inventory on different marketplaces at once. This is something that will definitely save you some time and energy and as we all know time and energy are crucial for the progress of your business. Next on the list of great features found in Shopify Plus focused on multi channel users is the opportunity to update different marketplaces with tracking and shipping info in real time. Thanks to these features you will be updated all the time and you won’t miss anything.

Shopify Plus was designed and developed to make the process of selling online simpler. Enterprises that use Shopify Plus can rest assured that the management and configuration of various sales channels will go smoothly. If you take a closer look at the marketplaces and other online sites and apps where you can sell products and services with Shopify Plus you will be impressed. They are updating this list all the time and partnering with other third-party apps and software solutions.

Of course, there are other multi-channel enterprise commerce platforms out there, but Shopify Plus is the most popular and most convenient platform.