Multi channel eCommerce is a term used to describe a profitable business strategy

What is multi channel eCommerce: A simple guide

There are many things that businesses can do online, but obviously, the most profitable thing is to sell their goods over the Internet. This is the reason why eCommerce stats are going up every year and it’s expected to reach over 4 billion dollars in the next three years. Of course, every eCommerce site owner is focused on improving their profits and sales, but many of these owners are not aware of the fact that they can optimize their sales on multiple channels.

 What is multi channel eCommerce – this is a very common question these days and it seems that this question has a simple answer. Multi channel eCommerce is a term used to describe a profitable business strategy. In this strategy, retailers are communicating and selling items to consumers in more than one way. The number of sales channels is growing too, but the fact is that three of them are way more important than the others – online marketplaces, social media platforms, and comparison shopping engines. So, an eCommerce site is not the only option you have to get new customers and sell more items to your existing customers.

Social media platforms

According to experienced professionals, an online business that’s new on the market can find many new clients on social media platforms which is something that they can’t expect from their website at least not in the beginning. Numerous surveys have confirmed that modern consumers tend to get in touch with companies via social media platforms like Facebook instead of contacting them on their official sites. This is good news because it’s easier to get exposure on popular social media networks.

Online marketplaces

eCommerce website owners that have experience know that the majority of online customers start their buying journeys on eBay, Amazon or other established online marketplaces. This is quite natural because these marketplaces have a strong reputation and they are offering thousands of products at a good price. This is something that online sellers can use because they can list their products on most online marketplaces.

Comparison shopping engines

The list ends with comparison shopping engines. They are gathering information from different retailers and present them to their visitors. The majority of these engines are open for sellers, so don’t forget to contact them and suggest your website. Keep in mind that some of these services are free while others are paid.