The use of computer programs to create multimedia manuals

The computer as a universal means of processing, storing and providing information is increasingly entering our lives. This process began not so long ago, but the pace of its spread is incredibly rapid.

In modern life, we are surrounded by a huge sea of information with geographical content – both from TV screens and in various printed publications, a large amount of information is hidden in computer networks, which can be used by a student in self-education.

The computer allows the student to facilitate and streamline the process of preparing homework, to make a report or abstract qualitatively, to develop the ability to develop multimedia presentations on various topics of the lesson.

The most common method of using a computer for educational purposes is the use of multimedia educational presentations that allow you to study and repeat the material on the topic at a pace that the student or group selects themselves in accordance with individual characteristics and needs.

Lessons with the use of presentations attract students, create a positive emotional attitude to study.

The global Internet, as a source of accessible information to expand the possibilities of teaching geography, helps students and teachers in preparing for lessons. Searching for information on a given topic on the Internet aroused my great interest. Studying geography for the second year, I decided to create multimedia presentations on various sections of the geography of Russia, using the knowledge of computer programs acquired in the classes of the circle “Cognition”. Everyone should know the history and geography of their country, and multimedia presentations help to perceive the material, activating the cognitive activity of schoolchildren.