Operations that can be performed with diagrams.

The following operations can be performed with diagrams:

Add and delete data series using the Chart Wizard or from the chart context menu with the Source Data command. It is also possible to use a key, drag the data onto the constructed diagram with the mouse.

To change the “edit” data in the chart and on the worksheet – using the Parameter Selection tool (if the data on which the chart is built is expressed through a formula).

Rearrange the data series on […]

Apple has offered two million dollars to anyone who hacks the new iPhone 3.6 protection

Mode Lockdown Mode not only offers “unprecedented” protection for the iPhone, but also severely restricts the owner of the device.

The American company Apple will pay two million dollars to anyone who can crack the protection mode called Lockdown Mode, which appeared in the sixteenth version of the iOS mobile operating system, writes the Gizchina portal. The new “impenetrable” function is aimed at effectively combating Pegasus (capable of extracting text messages, photos, emails, recording calls, remotely turning on the microphone and […]