Electronic manual on the topic “Logic”

To reduce the occupied disk space, executable files were compressed by the program upx.exe .

The training part of the project is based on the material studied in the school computer science course, as well as information taken from additional sources (see paragraph VI), as a result of which the following topics were identified and considered:

“Forms of thinking”, “Logical operations”, “Laws of algebra of logic”, “Logical schemes”.

At the start of the program, the student is invited to read about the scientists […]

Features of multimedia manuals


The word “multimedia” has become popular since the 90s of the 20th century. Multimedia is a multicomponent environment that allows the use of text, graphics, video and animation. “Multimedia” means the ability to work with information in various forms, and not only in digital form, as with conventional computers. Multimedia computers allow you to play audio (music, speech, etc.), as well as video information (videos, animated films, etc.). Video effects can be represented by showing removable computer slides, cartoons, video […]

Principles of developing educational presentations in the Microsoft PowerPoint program

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of today’s most powerful applications designed for preparing and conducting presentations. Presentations can be used in the process of teaching, conducting lessons and classroom hours, etc. Presentations are an excellent means of transferring knowledge. They are much more effective than ordinary paper or electronic documents, since associative thinking is included in the process of perceiving the material.

PowerPoint is a program that allows you to get amazing results, and at the same time it is easy to […]

Operations that can be performed with diagrams.

The following operations can be performed with diagrams:

Add and delete data series using the Chart Wizard or from the chart context menu with the Source Data command. It is also possible to use a key, drag the data onto the constructed diagram with the mouse.

To change the “edit” data in the chart and on the worksheet – using the Parameter Selection tool (if the data on which the chart is built is expressed through a formula).

Rearrange the data series on […]

The use of computer programs to create multimedia manuals

The computer as a universal means of processing, storing and providing information is increasingly entering our lives. This process began not so long ago, but the pace of its spread is incredibly rapid.

In modern life, we are surrounded by a huge sea of information with geographical content – both from TV screens and in various printed publications, a large amount of information is hidden in computer networks, which can be used by a student in self-education.

The computer allows the student […]

An AI algorithm has been developed that predicts crimes for a week ahead 5.5


The algorithm with an accuracy of 300 meters allows you to predict where an attack or theft will be committed a week before it happens. Although such predictive models can strengthen the power of the state through illegal surveillance of innocent people, at the same time they allow surveillance of the state, revealing systemic bias in the actions of law enforcement agencies.

Achievements in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence have aroused considerable interest among governments of different countries. […]

Firefly robots “communicate” in flight using colored lights 4.4

Electroluminescent particles in the artificial muscles of microscopic drones glow in different colors, allowing you to track their movements and interact with them right in the air.

Firefly beetles carry special organs in which photochemical reactions can occur, causing their bellies to shine quite brightly in the dark. This glow performs communication functions: with its help, insects look for mating partners, scare off predators, and so on. Now robots are also capable of such interaction.

The miniature machines developed by engineers at […]

Tesla Optimus: Will Elon Musk be able to show us a humanoid robot this year? 5.2

Last August, at the Tesla Aida conference, Elon Musk announced the company’s plans to soon start producing humanoid robots. This statement was met with a wave of criticism and skepticism. Naked Science understands how advanced the technology of creating such robots is and what skills the new product from Tesla will be able to demonstrate, if we really see it soon.

Not so long ago, on Twitter, Elon Musk, the head of Tesla and SpaceX, announced the postponement of the date […]

A nanomotor based on DNA origami has been created

DNA is a multifunctional biomolecule that has unique properties and performs a number of functions. Man was able to supplement the range of its capabilities with artificial ones — and now a nanoscale motor based on DNA origami technology and capable of self-assembly has been added to them.

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is one of the key biomolecules whose role is to store and copy genetic information. However, its functions are actually quite diverse: DNA can actively participate in the regulation […]

Apple has offered two million dollars to anyone who hacks the new iPhone 3.6 protection

Mode Lockdown Mode not only offers “unprecedented” protection for the iPhone, but also severely restricts the owner of the device.

The American company Apple will pay two million dollars to anyone who can crack the protection mode called Lockdown Mode, which appeared in the sixteenth version of the iOS mobile operating system, writes the Gizchina portal. The new “impenetrable” function is aimed at effectively combating Pegasus (capable of extracting text messages, photos, emails, recording calls, remotely turning on the microphone and […]